[Dirvish] Confusion about excluding and including

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Fri Apr 19 09:41:26 UTC 2019

On Fri 19 Apr 2019, Vortex wrote:
> In the temporary file "exclude" and in the summary file after the
> backup, the exclude list is this:
> exclude:
> 	- lost+found/
> 	- .cache/
> 	- .gvfs/
> 	- temp/
> 	- /media/*
> 	- /run/*
> 	- /sys/*
> 	- /tmp/*
> 	- /proc/*
> 	+ /media
> 	+ /media/*
> 	- some_dir_in_home/*
> 	- another_dir_in_home/*
> The lines from lost+found to /proc are from the master.conf, the four
> last lines are from the dirvish.conf.

The problem is that rsync uses the first match; from the FILTER RULES
paragraph in the manpage:

    As the list of files/directories to transfer is built, rsync checks
    each name to be transferred against the list of include/exclude
    patterns in turn, and the first matching pattern is acted on: if it
    is an exclude pattern, then that file is skipped; if it is an
    include pattern then that filename is not skipped; if no matching
    pattern is found, then the filename is not skipped.

Note the "the first matching pattern is acted on"...

So what you want is impossible, you will have to exclude the /media/* in
every other config and remove it from the master.conf.


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