[Dirvish] replicate a vault with hardlinks

Vortex vortex at versanet.de
Sun Oct 9 14:42:38 UTC 2016

On 09.10.2016 12:30, Richard Hector wrote:
> All changes result in new files. Dirvish doesn't ever edit existing 
> files; if the file has changed it writes a new one rather than
> linking to the old.

You're right. I missed that entirely, although I use dirvish for many
years. :*)

> I think I'm mostly answering my own questions ... except for
> figuring out what config and housekeeping files need to change to
> match the vault they're in - and how to make sure dirvish knows to
> use the existing cloned backups as the basis for the first new one.

Not many AFAIK. It should suffice to copy everything except for the tree
(that's being hard linked) and then edit the dirvish.conf.

Dirvish compares the actual tree with the new backup. The contents of
index.gz should be used only by dirvish-locate.

"The client directory tree is compared with an existing image to create
a new image." – http://www.dirvish.org/dirvish.8.html

On 09.10.2016 12:43, Richard Hector wrote:
> If I start by --init-ing a new vault, I need to have the space to
> fit it, which is what I'm trying to avoid ...

You could init an empty vault by pointing the "tree:" entry in the
default.conf to an empty folder. After initializing, change "tree:" to
the real source path and copy/link the old vault tree into the empty
one. Dirvish should recognize the afterwards copied tree as genuine.

I did that when splitting one vault into two to avoid doubling the
required space and to safe the time a genuine initialization would've taken.

> But actually, I may be letting my desire for theoretical
> optimisation get in the way of practicality. My mail store is only
> 2G; I have 227G free in my dirvish bank, have decent bandwidth, and
> don't pay for data. I should probably just init a new vault and
> archive the old one :-)

Or that. :)



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