[Dirvish] replicate a vault with hardlinks

Vortex vortex at versanet.de
Sun Oct 9 06:26:12 UTC 2016

Hi Richard,

On 09.10.2016 07:50, Richard Hector wrote:
> I'm shifting a directory (containing my mail store) from one server to
> another.

Are they located on the same hard drive? Only then would hard links
work. Just asking to be on the safe side.

> Does it make sense, and would it work, to "cp -al" the entire tree of my
> existing mailserver to the new one, before doing the first backup of the
> new one? 

Depends what you want to achieve. Doing that, both server trees would
point to the same data in the files. Thus, if you change the contents of
a file in one tree, its twin in the other tree would change also. If
that's what you want, cp -al would be fine. New files created in either
tree would have separate data, though.

On 09.10.2016 08:12, Richard Hector wrote:
> Apologies for replying to myself ...

Your new mail got me right in writing you an answer to the first on. :p

> I mean "cp -al" the dirvish vault, of course. Except I presumably want
> real copies of the index.gz, summary, and log files. Would they need
> editing to reflect the new client name etc?

I'm not sure what you want to achieve in the end. Why you want to have
those real copies for example. Could you please elaborate on your final

> I don't think I want it arranged under one vault like that.

I find it more convenient to have separate vaults for different sources.
It keeps them clearly arranged and I can address them separately or move
one of them to another medium easily.



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