[Dirvish] Error in Documentation

Loren M. Lang lorenl at alzatex.com
Wed Jul 6 00:33:45 UTC 2011

I've had the hardest time to get the following rule to work in my 
dirvish configuration file which was taken straight from the 
dirvish.conf man page.

wd { 1 } md { 1-7 } mo { 1,4,7,10 } never

After a thorough reading of the perldoc for Time::Period, I have 
determined that ranges within the curly braces are supposed to be space 
delimited and not comma delimited.  With that change in place, dirvish 
no longer complains on startup.  I assume for the cron version of expire 
rules that the commas are required, but I have not tested them out to 
see if they work.

Loren M. Lang
lorenl at alzatex.com

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