[Dirvish] [PATCH] v2: btrfs support

Adrian von Bidder avbidder at fortytwo.ch
Fri Feb 25 06:56:29 UTC 2011


On Friday 25 February 2011 03.12:48 Joseph Maher wrote:
> > Fixed btrfs support attached.
> Thanks a lot for the btrfs patch, which is working very well for me. I
> just thought I'd let you know that on my system (debian squeeze) I seem
> to need the full path /sbin/btrfs instead of just btrfs as cron doesn't
> seem to have /sbin in its path by default...

Thanks for the report.  I'd rather not include the full path: I sometimes 
have newer btrfs than what is packaged in /usr/local/sbin and would want 
dirvish to pick that up, I just add the 
PATH=...:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin to root's crontab. But it would 
probably be a good idea to mention this in the manpage.

(NOTE also: a rewrite in the probably not very near future will probably 
change the configuration syntax to "cow: btrfs" insted of the binary btrfs 
options, so thtat it could be made to support other copy on write/snapshot 
filesystems with little effort. I'll need to wrap my head around the config 
parser a bit more, though.)

-- vbi

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		-- Hermann Hesse
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