[Dirvish] Administrivia: Yahoo

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Mon Aug 18 17:04:46 UTC 2008


Recently, Yahoo has decided to block email from my virtual hosting
service, rimuhosting.com .  Many hours of filling out endless forms
have apparently not changed their decision.  This is supposedly a
spam prevention measure.  Meanwhile, my server gets over 300 spams
per day with (possibly fake) Yahoo originating URLs.

There are currently 4 subscribers to the dirvish list with Yahoo
email addresses, and the dirvish list emails are probably not
reaching them.  I would be happy to learn differently.  If indeed
they are blocked, I will inform them from my Gmail account and
let them decide what to do about it.

Those considering getting Yahoo email accounts should keep this 
behavior in mind.   If you want an offsite email address, I
suggest moving to a provider with a less uncooperative blend of
monopolistic incompetence, like Google's Gmail.


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