[Dirvish] Dirvish remote over ssh: don't find ssh-keyfile

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Fri Aug 1 07:13:40 UTC 2008

On Fri 01 Aug 2008, Andre Loss wrote:
> I try to use dirvish to backup my data on the server at work on my private
> server at home. I installed dirvish on my home-server, made a ssh-keypair
> and write at default.conf "client: user at remoteserver.com".
> When I start dirvish-runall as user "dirvishuser", it ask for a password :-(

How did you become the "dirvishuser" user?

> When I type the password, it is running. 
> Why dirvish/ssh don't find the key, which is located at
> /home/dirvishuser/.ssh?

If you did "su dirvishuser", ssh may still look for the key in your own

> When I make "ssh -i /home/dirvishuser/.ssh/keyfile" as user "dirvishuser" it
> works without asking for a password. Can I say dirvish the path to my
> keyfile? 

man dirvish.conf

    rsh: command (S)
        Remote shell utility.

        This can be used to specify the location of ssh or rsh and/or to
        provide addition options for said utility such as  -p  port  for
        ssh to use an alternate port number.

        If not specified ssh will be used.

So add a line:

rsh: ssh -i /home/dirvishuser/.ssh/keyfile

to the dirvish config. But I expect that if you put dirvish-runall in
dirvishuser's crontab it will work as-is because then there is no
confusion about the homedir.

Paul Slootman

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