[Dirvish] Never removing files from an image

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Wed Sep 5 12:09:43 UTC 2007

On Tue 04 Sep 2007, Roberto Mello wrote:
> I have searched the documentation and Wiki, but I have not found
> information on how to have a backup configuration so that files
> deleted from the source never get removed from my backup images.
> I have to backup files uploaded by users, so I really only need to
> keep a few images around, but I never want files to go away from my
> backups, so that when users ask "I deleted that file 2 months ago, do
> you still have it?", I can restore it.

The simple answer is to never expire images, i.e. keep all images.
That won't take much more space than the alternative, which is to
separately preserve deleted files.

A more sane way is to keep daily images eg. for a month, keep all images
that were made on a Sunday for 3 months, keep all images made on the
first of the month for one or two years. You can automate all of this
via the expire-rule defintions.

Paul Slootman

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