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Thu Oct 12 00:44:43 UTC 2006

Robin Ericsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to pull the trick found on the wiki on how to use multiple
> directories per vault. My default.conf looks like this. And yes, /var
> is on the same drive as etc and root.
> """
> client: root at x
> tree: /
> xdev: 0
> index: bzip2
> log: bzip2
> exclude:
>        + /etc
>        + /root
>        + /var/log/x/
>        /*/
>        /*
> """
> The funny thing is that /etc and /root works, but now the /var/log/x,
> it doesn't matter if I put it before etc or root, it still doesn't
> take it.
> Any ideas how I should debug this further as I guess it's rsync to
> "blame"? Or am I lost here? Should I really have to create multiple
> vaults just for this "easy" backup?

The reason your exclude settings don't work is that rsync works 
recursively, so it doesn't even check /var/log/x/ because all of /var is 
excluded. This is explained pretty well in the rsync man page, in the 
"INCLUDE/EXCLUDE PATTERN RULES" section (right after the detailed 
explanation of all the options). As far as I remember, you need to 
include /var, include /var/log, include /var/log/x, exclude everything 
else in /var/log/, and exclude everything else in /var/. This way, rsync 
will get to /var/log/x/, but will exclude everything else in /var and in 
/var/log, which is probably what you want. So your exclude section would 
look something like this:

+ /etc
+ /root
+ /var
+ /var/log
+ /var/log/x
- /var/log/
- /var/
- /*

The dashes aren't necessary, I added them for clarification. I'm not 
sure about the slashes, as I no longer have any conf files with such a 
setup, and I'm just going from memory. Make sure to read the relevant 
parts of the rsync man page, and then experiment with different settings.

Hope this helps,
Yoav Klein

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