[Dirvish] Problems with dirvish-runall

Willard Korfhage dirvish at familyk.org
Wed May 17 15:23:32 UTC 2006

If you are running this from cron, remember to set the path in the
crontab. If you don't, it will fail when cron runs but work fine on the
command line.

On 5/16/2006, "Joseph Lamoree" <joseph at lamoree.com> wrote:

>On 1 May 2006, at 07:56, Willard Korfhage wrote:
>> Setting config manually to /etc/dirvish/master.conf seems to make
>> it work
>> for me.
>I had the same problem with dirvish-runall. I didn't know how to
>edit /usr/share/dirvish/dirvishlib.pl to fix it until I read your
>post. I tried hardcoding in /etc/dirvish/master.conf, and it worked
>for me as well. Or rather, I don't get the same error when executing
>dirvish-runall -- I don't know if there are other problems that will
>crop up.

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