[Dirvish] Utility to show incremental usage per image within a vault

Richard Geoffrion dirvish at rain4us.net
Fri May 5 20:46:29 UTC 2006

Matthew Pressly wrote:

>I've looked for something to do this, but have not been able to find
>anything.  Is there a utility that will run on linux that
>can be used to determine the incremental disk usage of all images
>within a vault, starting with the most recent image and going back
>in time, counting each file's size only once, regardless of the
>number of hard links to it?
>I.e., something that would produce output similar to:
>  latest 1.2GB
>  20060429 23MB
>  20060428 25MB
>  20060427 26MB
>Is there some way to do this with 'du', or is there another tool
>that will do this?

Well, one COULD make a utility called /usr/local/sbin/dirvish-imagesizes 
and put in something like...

echo > $FILE
for INSTANCE in * ; do
 echo "$INSTANCE - `zcat $INSTANCE/log.gz | grep \"Total bytes 
written:\" | cut  -d : -f2`"

smtp=smtp cat $FILE | mail -s "File sizes for image `pwd`" 
adminuser at example.com


Realizing of course that this only gives the size of the transfers..and 
not the base size.  I'd have to modify it to do a 'du' of the last 
image... and of course one would have to run this FROM the actual vault 


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