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thank you for your help
it works :-)


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On Wed, May 03, 2006 at 11:21:36AM +0200, Jacki wrote:
> if installed a server with dirvish, that should backup my other server

> every night.
> the dirvish server need only to be switched on for the backup, he is 
> woken up by the rtc and starts dirvish
> QUESTION: is there any possibility to shutdown the dirvish server
> finishing with all vaults?
> i do not want to do this at a specific time per crontab, because the 
> connection is very slow and the whole backup could take a different 
> period of time.

Starting with the real time clock, then shutting down afterwards, is
an excellent idea for extra security for backups.   This lowers the
vulnerability of the backup server to external attack.  It might be
even better if you can move the starting time randomly, so that the
time the backup server is exposed changes.  You should design your
backup script so that if dirvish-runall does not complete, it still
schedules another backup the next day.

As Dave Howorth suggested, you can run a "wrapper" script from
cron.daily;  a simple one is here:

Note that I mount and unmount the backup drive, and I create a
one-line log entry.  I actually use a more elaborate script, with
more security features, but you can start from the simple one.


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