[Dirvish] two questions

mourik jan c heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Wed May 3 12:56:36 UTC 2006

dear friends,

Thanks for creating dirvish, and making it available for everybody! :-)

Allow me to ask two questions:

1) are there searchable archives available? (I consider 
http://www.dirvish.org/pipermail/dirvish/ not searchable, unless there 
is something that I don't understand...)

2) Do exclude: statements only work in master.conf? I have a specific 
configuration where I would like to exclude certain directories. 
Specifying those in default.conf of that config does NOT work, and 
putting the same line in master.conf DOES work. Is this normal, or an error?

Kind regards!
Mourik Jan

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