[Dirvish] Problems with dirvish-runall

Willard Korfhage dirvish at familyk.org
Mon May 1 14:56:12 UTC 2006

On 4/30/2006, "Paul Slootman" <paul at debian.org> wrote:

>On Fri 28 Apr 2006, Willard Korfhage wrote:
>> I installed dirvish 1.3.1 on a Debian 3.1 system (the current stable
>> version of Debian). This sytem has perl 5.8.4. After installation, I
>> couldn't run dirvish, and I found that I had to rename
>> /usr/share/dirvish/dirvishlib.pl to dirvishlib.pm, but it seemed to work
>You didn't simpy do 'apt-get install dirvish'? Any specific reason?

I wanted to try 1.3.1

>> fine. However, dirvish-runall fails for me, saying
>> cannot open config file: CODE(0x567100)
>> Looking into the code, it appears this is happening because
>> dirvish-runall tries to load the config file using the "config" entry
>> of Options. This value was set in reset_options with
>> 'config'        => \&config  ,
>On what line in what file do you see that? I can't find that....

Line 242. in reset_options. Here's some context

        'rsh'           => 'ssh'     ,
        'summary'       => 'short'   ,
        'config'        => \&config  ,
        'client'        => \&client  ,
        'branch'        => \&branch  ,

Setting config manually to /etc/dirvish/master.conf seems to make it work
for me.

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