[Dirvish] A few simple Dirvish Questions

Brian brian_dorling at t-online.de
Mon May 1 08:11:03 UTC 2006


first tests with Dirvish on my Unslung NSLU2 Slug seemed to go OK. Now 
trying to get the stuff set up to really work I found a few small things 
I couldn't work out:

1. For example image-default: %Y%m%d

Where is there a list of the parameters I can use here?
I must be too blind to find then.

2. Along the same lines, if I use the above parms and try to run dirvish
twice on the same day, it will complain, something about a backup set 
with the same name already existing. So how to I get around that problem?

3. So in my master.conf I have:



If I run Dirvish-runall it says:

# ./dirvish-runall
09:52:51 dirvish --vault brian
09:52:51 dirvish --vault vdr
09:52:51 done

So I guess my master.conf is OK. But it never actually backs anything 
up. How can I debug that?

Now, if I say "./dirvish --vault brian", then it will backup brian OK 
and creates a new backupset in the vault brian. Same with vdr.

4. In default.conf the tree statement. How can I put multiple 
directories on that? Or do I need to use a higher lever directory and 
then use exclude statements?

Thanks in adavance.

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