[Dirvish] Re: Status: warning (24) -- file vanished on sender

m.whittaker-williams at iu.nl m.whittaker-williams at iu.nl
Thu Jul 13 18:41:12 UTC 2006

Jason Boxman wrote:
> Ken Dyke wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 12, 2006 at 05:58:09PM -0400, Jason Boxman (jasonb at edseek.com)
>> wrote:
>>> Ken Dyke wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> The change from error to warning is nice.  What would be nicer is if it
>>>> would tell me what file vanished.
>>>> Manually editing the summary file to change this line to success so that
>>>> dirvish-expire will do its job on old images is tired.  Is there a way
>>>> to tell it to ignore this particular issue?
>>> I find the rsync_error file tells me exactly that.
>> Where might I find that file?
> I'd look in your /$BANK/$VAULT/$IMAGE for the snapshot that failed.  You'll
> find the rsync_errors file located there, along with a summary and log file.
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Perhaps its a good idea to find all the dirs on several Operating 
Systems that will cause files to vanish suddenly due to alot of changes 
being made in a very short time and take this up in the documentation.
Ofcourse this always depends on the setup and on how busy the 
server/workstation is and how many changes are made within these directories

Like on FreeBSD i`ve had problems with files vanishing with the 
following services:

/var/spool/postfix ( If running postfix setup )
/var/spool/mqueue ( If running sendmail setup )
/var/spool/clientmqueue ( If running sendmail setup )

Daemon tools:
/svcscandir/tinydns/log ( If running tinydns with logging )
/svscandir/dnscache/log ( If running dnscache with logging )
/svscandir/axfrdns/log ( If running axfrdns with logging )

Databases ( always use a separate dump script to backup databases ):
/var/db/mysql ( Default installdir from ports mysql )
/usr/local/pgsql ( Default installdir from ports pgsql )

Rest of the excludes I mostly use to prevent backup problems:

        /usr/ports ( Only when running backup and sync of ports 
simultaniously )
Leave out any network distributed mount points depending on setups ofcourse.

Etc.. Etc..
Perhaps others can mail on other Operating Systems that have had 
problems with files being vanished due to alot of changes in short period.

I`ll try and make my own doc on dirvish setup on FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD 
and will send link shortly.


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