[Dirvish] Small question on the use of hardlinks in dirvish

Johannes Kastl bierkastl at freenet.de
Sun Jul 9 21:47:26 UTC 2006

Am 09.07.2006 23:05 schrieb Eric Mountain:

> I won't say it's the intended behaviour, but it is definitely the *expected* 
> behaviour of the software dirvish relies upon to perform the backup per se, 
> i.e. rsync.


> Basically, AFAIK rsync makes no attempt to figure out file movement or 
> duplication between directories in order to "optimise" space used on the 
> target.  In particular, it won't try to be smarter than you: you made a copy 
> of the file, so as far as rsync is concerned, these are 2 different files in 
> 2 different directories 

OK, point taken.

> (if rsync tried to compare all your files amongst 
> themselves to find duplicates and hardlink them on the target, it would run 
> very slowly indeed I think).

Yes, I would agree.

>   I would expect it to work if you hardlink the 
> files (since the inode will be identical on the source) instead of copying 
> them, but I haven't tested this.

I will.

Is there any switch to tell dirvish/rsync to look for "duplicates" to
save space? Not that I would need it, but if it would exist I could
just decide for space or time...

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