[Dirvish] Why is dirvish in /usr/sbin?

Johannes Kastl bierkastl at freenet.de
Sun Jul 9 21:44:53 UTC 2006

Am 09.07.2006 22:50 schrieb Eric Mountain:

> This directory contains any non-essential binaries used exclusively by the 
> system administrator. System administration programs that are required for 

I would consider running a backup not only an administrator thing. But
I guess that was my failure.

> Of course, where it really gets installed depends on whether you use a package 
> supplied by your distro or not, and if so, what your distro chooses to do.  

There is no rpm for suse, at least I have found non, so I alien'ed the
deb file.

Are there any problems when running it as non-root? Apart from
mounting (which AFAIK could be done) I could think of none.

Obscene? Obscene is young men being trained to drop fire on people,
but their commanders not allowing them to write 'fuck' on their
airplanes because it's obscene.

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