[Dirvish] Using removable storage and Dirvish

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Sat Feb 25 03:23:48 UTC 2006

On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 05:07:37PM +0800, Lee Sanders wrote:
> As the drives are new they are blank and this is a PITA. The other
> issue is the drives don't have an initial image created using the below.
> 	"dirvish --vault root --init"

> I'm after something similar to what Shane Spencer asked for on
> Nov 15 21:25:17 2005. A way to put this structure somewhere else,
> ie /etc/dirvish/root/...., and a way to use dirvish without having
> an initial image in the vault/branch.

The initialization is not much more than copying the first complete
image to the backup drive.  Since you are connecting to your backup
drives with USB, one way is to bypass initialization simply copy 
a recent dirvish image from an older backup drive to your new one
using  "cp -a".

Other than that, the reference image has to be somewhere accessable.
If you are rotating multiple drives for backup in order to have
redundancy (as I do) then you want reference images on each one!  If
the reason for the multiple drives is to treat one as a base, and 
the others as incrementals, you probably don't want to use dirvish
and other rsync-based tools, or you need to re-think your assumptions.

I assume that real restores are never planned, that it will be an
unplanned intrusion into my time and my sanity that should be as
absolutely easy as possible.  Having a duplicate image that can
be copied directly to a restored hard drive is easier than a base
image plus incrementals.

Keep in mind that dirvish is a user-friendly (?!), backup-oriented
wrapper around rsync, and to change file-level behavior requires a
rewrite of rsync.  There Be Dragons!

If you are interested in trying different ways to do things, perhaps
you can help write some dirvish Perl code.  1.3 is not in a usable
state right now, but with some work on the installer it should be a
good starting point for some extensions.   However, robust and simple
backups are usually better than saving space through clever but
risky optimizations.  More hard disks are cheaper than vanished bits.


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