[Dirvish] Using removable storage and Dirvish

Lee Sanders dirvish-337 at ccp.com.au
Fri Feb 24 09:07:37 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I have dirvish working (thanks for the guides, so easy to setup) but currently 
what I have is not ideal for my situation. I'm wondering if Dirvish is in 
fact the correct program to be using.

As a replacement for a clients tape backup we have several HD's in external 
USB caddies. The idea being one HD is connected with the others being 
offsite. Drives are rotated daily.

Currently I have to mount the drive and create the correct structure below:

As the drives are new they are blank and this is a PITA. The other issue is 
the drives don't have an initial image created using the below.
	"dirvish --vault root --init"

I'm after something similar to what Shane Spencer asked for on Nov 15 21:25:17 
2005. A way to put this structure somewhere else, ie /etc/dirvish/root/...., 
and a way to use dirvish without having an initial image in the vault/branch.

Any suggestions. I'm happy enough if you tell me this is not what dirvish is 
used for and to use other methods to backup instead.

Debian Linux, 2.6 kernel


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