[Dirvish] RE: Hard Drive Died, and I was shocked to discover...

Jason Boxman jasonb at edseek.com
Tue Feb 14 05:16:05 UTC 2006

Oh, Steve, you're going to love this...

I heard a similarly strange sound which should've been from the A/C this 
evening, about 30 minutes ago.  But, of course, it couldn't have been 
since the digital panel for that is downstairs.  A few moments later, I 
notice my mail client has lost all its IMAP folders.  I restart it to no 
avil.  Then, I try to SSH into my mail server... Disaster!

Apparently, from what I can tell, /dev/sda failed.  I'm not completely 
sure as I cannot login and the console is filled with all kinds of fun 
errors from ext3 and XFS.  The ext3 errors are from my root filesystem and 
associated system partitions, so that shouldn't be a huge problem as I ran 
yesterday's Dirvish backup for this machine at 3:30 PM.  However, my data 
volume is an XFS filesystem and I can't believe I had two different disks 
fail in different arrays.  Possible, though.

Anyway, that odd noise made me think of you and your own disk failure.

I'm about to backup my backup of the system above to my workstation since 
it's too late for me to recover tonight and if the backup server fails 
while I'm asleep I'll _really_ be screwed.

Thanks for ensuring I'm extra paranoid! ;)

(On an unrelated note, I was just thinking how cool it would be to have a 
VMWare Server beta VM bootp a kernel that bootstraps a Dirvish image from 
one or more vaults for testing to see if it boots and if, were possible, 
services start.  I guess I didn't move from conception to production fast 

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