[Dirvish] Hard Drive Died, and I was shocked to discover...

mfaz001-foo at yahoo.com mfaz001-foo at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 13 16:14:04 UTC 2006

Sorry to hear your woes. Despite divish being pretty
good, I haven't yet found a backup system that did
away with the need for a human brain somewhere in the
process.  I guess it comes down to the importance of
your data. For  me, my internal 'mother' nags me thus:

 - oldish linux box I use once in a bluemoon: Have a
sniff around once / twice a year. 
 - Company vital data, upon which my job depends: test
restore once a week. 

Everything else is in between the two. I've worked
with some impressive backup systems that did all
manner of clever things (remote transfers/robot-arms
etc), but ocassionally would tell you everything was
fine, when it wasn't. 

Don't trust computers, they're designed by a human.


--- Steve Ramage <dirvishusersspammedme at sjrx.net>

> I was lying in bed and all of a sudden I hear a
> static from a radio, I

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