[Dirvish] Hard Drive Died, and I was shocked to discover...

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 13 10:36:51 UTC 2006

Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 10:24:46PM -0800, Steve Ramage wrote:
> ...
>>hard disk. When I did I went into my vault and looked at the latest
>>folder to see rsync_error.
> ...
>>I highlighted Decembers, and Novembers, each 100 KB. Eventually I got to
>>Octobers and found a copyy. It turns out while testing and writing the
>>SSH Guide, I never bothered to switch over the real one. It was of
>>little comfort to know that the test folder had backed up every day
>>since then.
>>Anyway the whole point of my sad story is that I wish Dirvish had been
>>e-mailing me to a user-definable e-mail address, to let me know. Also I
>>wish there was a latest-good folder to so that I could get to files very
> ...

You don't need to modify dirvish to mail you. If you set up your cron 
jobs correctly you will get the output from them mailed to you.

In particular, it's quite clear from this output whenever a job has 
failed because of an rsync error. When you're checking the output daily 
you will know which is the last good backup, you won't need a pointer to it!

> It is good to check the daily output of dirvish, of course, but that does
> not tell how much is getting backed up.  If a divish vault accidentally
> has too many excludes set, then that will not show up either.  The
> only real way to prove that dirvish is working is to restore a disk
> from it.  Onto that spare drive you keep around for emergencies...
> One of the things I do with my post-dirvish script is a "df" of the
> target drive, which I run through a little perl script then store in
> a log file in /var/log.  I look at the log file fairly frequently,

I just print the df in the cron job, so it gets mailed to me and I 
eyeball it every day. My mail messages are all backed up :)

Cheers, Dave

> to make sure I am not getting too close to filling a backup disk.
> Of course, I also notice if the disk is not slowly filling up.  
> This is probably a good thing to make a part of dirvish proper, if
> I ever get off my butt and finish fixing 1.3.2 .  
> Of course, if somebody else would like to start hacking on 1.3.2 ,
> that is what open source is all about...
> Keith

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