[Dirvish] find looping?

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 9 14:03:40 UTC 2006

Paul Slootman wrote:
 > So here's hoping it happens again soon :-)

I left it running so I could debug it this time :)

> That means that it's not doing any system calls at all, it's 
> looping somewhere in user space, i.e. in the find executable itself.
> ltrace would show if it's doing any shared library calls at that time...

no output

> lsof would show what directory it's in i.e. processing.

# lsof -p 741
find    741 root  cwd    DIR  253,5     544   3959272 
find    741 root  rtd    DIR    3,1     680         2 /
find    741 root  txt    REG    3,1   66216     36947 /usr/bin/find
find    741 root  mem    REG    3,1  106608     20736 /lib64/ld-2.3.3.so
find    741 root  mem    REG    3,1  217016     80878 /var/run/nscd/passwd
find    741 root  mem    REG    3,1  217016     80879 /var/run/nscd/group
find    741 root  mem    REG    3,1 1412174     20761 /lib64/tls/libc.so.6
find    741 root    0r  FIFO    0,7         173073427 pipe
find    741 root    1w  FIFO    0,7         173145580 pipe
find    741 root    2w   REG    3,1    1798     85303 
find    741 root    3r   DIR    3,1     816     13368 /root

I did it again after a little while and confirmed identical results (not 
surprising given there was no strace output)

> You do have the most recent version of findutils?

Almost certainly not :)  It's a SUSE 9.2 system, in production, so I 
don't really want to change things until I have to. find says it is "GNU 
find version 4.1.20". The package is 4.1.20-2.

Duh. I now feel like a clot. I reported this on bug-findutils last June 
and had forgotten all about it! At that time, it appeared that it was an 
unknown bug and I was waiting for it to happen again to send a core file.

So Paul, thanks for help with those commands and for prompting me to 
remember where I was. I will send James Youngman a core file.

Cheers, Dave

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