[Dirvish] surgical pruning of data..

RTCG dirvish at rain4us.net
Wed Jun 15 22:47:53 UTC 2005

> > Does a method exists to remove en-masse a directory structure (or file)
> > across every backup in a vault?
> No.  You will have to use rm for this.

OK.. Well, I wrote a front end for rm.  For anyone who is interested, I
posted it on the dirvish.org wiki site (
http://www.dirvish.org/wiki?RTCGDirvishInstall )  OH, and I couldn't force
dirvish-prune to be a wiki word!  DANG IT!  So you'll have to click on the
link.  Also, I couldn't get the script file to post with an ignore for all
the wiki syntax.  If someone could visit that page and clean up the code for
both dirvish-notify and dirvish-prune, I'd be grateful.  I would even
compose some Vogon-ish poetry for you....if you really wanted some.

I'll update the rest of my wiki site very soon...now that I'm making forward
progress after the hardware failures and other "things" that get in the way.

> > I now have a certain path backed up in triplicate inside several vaults.
> > While vogons might find it handy, I need the room.
> I'm sure they would, but only if you first lost the triplicates for
> several months.

HEY!  I have root access!  I could arange that!..see if I don't!


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