[Dirvish] Experimental version 1.3.1

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Mon Jun 6 17:11:59 UTC 2005

This is way overdue, but I have enough confidence in dirvish experimental
version 1.3.1 to release it for testing.   You can find a tar file at:


Click your way to the latest tar.gz file (it will change frequently) and
download it, then follow the instructions for installation.   The
instructions will be upgraded, and "Build.PL" will install as chmod
755, on the 1.4 production release.

This is an experimental version under active development;  please run
it on an experimental server, and do not risk your production backups.
I have been running it for a little while on my own experimental backup
server, as well as running small-directory-to-small-directory "toy"
backups on my laptop.  I have not tested "dirvish-expire" extensively.

Changes I hope we can make later in 1.3.X:  ---------------------------

(1) add a --init flag to dirvish-runall.  The logic that Tomás Abad
used in his dirvish-install shell script seems fine, though I would
prefer to make it run in the "runall" order.

(2) Translate some of the already contributed shell scripts into Perl. 
Most of us use Linux, and bash scripts are helpful, but some use Mac
and Solaris, and the scripts may not translate well.

(3) Some network file restore process.  I do NOT want to make this
completely user-driven and automated, but I DO want to make it as 
easy as possible for the sysadmin to manage the process.

(4) Other tools.  You can build on top of the common "dirvishlib.pm"
module, and save a lot of time.

(5) Tests!  We can add lots of tests to the install process, to make
sure dirvish is going to work.  Perl installs are good for this.


If you can, please download version 1.3.1 and test it on expendable
backups.  If you want to contribute code, send patches to me, along
with a short description of what they do and how you have tested them.  
All contributions will be under the Open Source License;  please note
that in your contribution.


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