[Dirvish] Stop the expiration [reposted]

Nathan Hunsperger dirvish at hunsperger.com
Mon Jun 6 01:11:46 UTC 2005

On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 06:55:22PM -0400, Jason Boxman wrote:
> Brian Martin wrote:
> > So here's an interesting situation.  I've just retired a server that was
> > being backed up with Dirvish.  Right now I've got series of 35 snap shots
> > of the server, each with a 35 day expiration period.  As the days pass,
> > however, those will expire until I get down to just one.  (In my
> > experience, Dirvish will never expire the last image.)  Since they don't
> > take up much more room that a one-day snap shot, I'd rather just leave them
> > all as is until I decide I don't need the back-ups any more.  How is the
> > best way to exempt the entire set of back-ups for a single machine from
> > normal expiration processing?
> You could make the vault go away, at least as far as Dirvish is concerned.  
> Just move the dirvish/ directory somewhere else.  You could edit your 
> default.conf and set a default expiration for several hundred days, which 
> will override any global expiration rule for the vault in question.

Making the vault 'disappear' would be fine.  However, changing the
vault's default.conf to set a large default expiration date won't work.
When Dirvish is expiring images, it does not rely on the default.conf
expiration rules.  Instead, it pulls the expiration date from the
summary file in the individual images to determine if the backup should
be deleted.  This allows you to modify your data retention rules without
inadvertently expiring images.

- Nathan

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