[Dirvish] Administrivia: Password Reminders

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Fri Dec 30 19:20:06 UTC 2005

Dirvish Administrivia:
If you already are quite familiar with MAILMAN, ignore this.

The MAILMAN package that does this mailing list is supposed to mail
out password reminders (in clear text) every month to everyone on 
the list.  This feature was misconfigured for a while, but is working
now, and will send your dirvish list password to you early on Jan 1.

If signed up on the list using a "valuable" password, you should
*** change it right now *** to something that you are willing for
me (and email snoopers) to see.  If you don't want the password
mailed anyway, you should turn off the mailout option on your mailing
list options page.  

To set the password or the mailout option, go to:


... and enter the email address you use for the list, then click
"Unsubscribe or edit options".   That takes you to:


 From there, you can request that a forgotten password be sent to
you, or you can enter the address and password and login to your
options page, where you can set up digesting, posting echos, and
of course whether you get a monthly password reminder.  

This is all standard for the MAILMAN package, and many of you already
know this, but I don't want anyone to be surprised to see their 
super-duper-double-secret password showing up in the mail on Sunday. 
The password for the list is mostly to keep strangers from easily
changing your subscription options, and the monthly mailout is to
keep you from losing it.  The password is not intended to stop a
serious criminal - if it comes to that, it is my job as listadmin
and sysadmin to block serious attacks.  If you see anything suspicious,
let me know ASAP.


P.S. I'm still tinkering with Postfix and Postgrey and Mailman and
IPtables and so forth on the server, then a better Subversion setup,
then reworking Dirvish 1.3 some more.  Hopefully things will be 
cleaner soon.  I've got 30,000 spams a day coming in right now,
going up by 30% this month, and I must improve server efficiency for
it to survive.  Too bad the U.S. Federal CAN-SPAM act is a fraud; 
if I actually could collect $300 per spam in court, I could hire
a dozen sysadmins to manage the server.

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