[Dirvish] Push instead of pull?

Richard Geoffrion dirvish at rain4us.net
Thu Dec 29 19:25:35 UTC 2005

Chris Dunning wrote:

>Keith Lofstrom wrote:
>>><snip>The laptops are in and out all 
>>>the time, visiting coffee shops, the local college campus, clients, 
>>>etc.  <snip> Is it possible to 
>>>run Dirvish on the laptops, pushing the backups to the backup server 
>>>each night on cron?  
>>Push backups are not a good idea - there are too many security problems.
>>However, "push initiated" might be a good idea - putting some kind of
>>flag on the client where the pull server can find it, then initiating
>>pull backups controlled by the server.

Ah...the push/pull debate rears its ugly head again.... for I know have 
some rotten fruit to throw in the mix.


Someone in their infinite wisdom and foresight thought it a good idea to 
trash POSIX 'compatibility' and continue to allow OSX users to use 
forward slashes ( / ) in file names.  After all, doesn't everyone want 
to hard code a date in a filename? ( ie:  Legal documents concerning SCO 
lawsuit 12-24-2005 )

Here is the rub.   Using the filename above, OSX users can't copy the 
file to a samba share, the server can't scp the file from the client to 
the server, BUT...when the OSX client SCPs the file TO the server...it 
converts the forward slashes to colons!!!   Tiger only made things worse 
as Apple felt it necessary to move even further away from compliance in 
sake of end-user easiness.  This means that a 'push initiated' backup 
won't work in this case! 

So once again...pushing is desired...badly!   Nay...push is NEEDED!  
When a head honcho loses his mac hard drive..there BETTER be a backup! 
Fortunately for me...I had manually backed it up 'before' and was able 
to read off the 2.2gig worth of home directory data in a mere 7 
hours..so MOST of it got re-backed up.  Merge the two and 'walla' - 
bullet dodged...

"Push come to shove" (can't decide if pun is intended there) I'm going 
to NFS mount a share from the server onto the Mac laptop and run dirvish 
on the laptop.

So..before I go off and do something totally stupid......what is the 
safest way to shoot myself in the foot?


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