[Dirvish] Run post script depending on success/failure?

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 22 11:08:17 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 01:42 -0600, Chris Dunning wrote:
> It's nearly 2 AM and I haven't had much coffee, forgive me if I'm 
> incoherent.
> I'm using Dirvish to back up several machines, some of which are not 
> always accessible at backup time because they are either roaming laptops 
> or were powered off when the cron script ran.  My personal laptop, for 
> example, has been in the shop for nearly three weeks to replace a blown 
> motherboard.  When I've gone back into the backups to find old files, 
> I've come across lots of directories with nothing but a log since the 
> backup did not successfully complete.  I'd like to do one of two things 
> with these directories:
> Ideally, delete them.  I realize that the presence of the directory 
> tells me that dirvish did run and attempted to backup that particular 
> machine.  However, the email that I receive when the cron finishes tells 
> me the same thing.  I don't think this is particularly necessary.
> If that's not possible (or inadvisable for some reason), have a symlink 
> to the most recent backup that successfully completed (ie, 
> /vault/branch/current).  I could use a post-script for this, but I don't 
> see a way in the docs to run a post-script only on success.
> As a hack I suppose I could run a cleanup script on a cron that would go 
> through the directories and delete anything without a "tree" 
> subdirectory...but that really seems like a hack.
> Any advice?

A while ago, I posted a script that I use to deal with a similar (but
not identical) requirement. Perhaps it will help you:

Cheers, Dave

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