[Dirvish] Multiple banks

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Wed Dec 14 11:30:23 UTC 2005

On Mon 12 Dec 2005, Zachary Fortna wrote:

>     I'd like to setup a system where I have 3 banks on and the backups
> rotate between the 3 banks.  How do I go about setting this up?
>     Can I specify a specific bank in each vault's default.conf file and
> then just call dirvish with the --config-file option to point it to a
> different conf file depending on the night?  Is there another approach
> do doing this?

I tried something similar, and noticed that despite the --config-file
option, dirvish still always reads the "main" config file. The way I
worked around this, was to forget about the --config-file option and to
switch around different versions of the main config
(/etc/dirvish/master.conf); actually what happens is that master.conf is
a symlink that point to a different file depending on what day it is.
The cron job that runs dirvish also fixes up the symlink.

>     As I set this up, if I initialize all my vaults to one of the banks,
> can I just use dd to copy all the initialized vaults over to the other
> two banks, or will this cause a problem?

I wouldn't use dd... unless you're planning to copy over the entire
filesystem via the underlying block device. Use rsync or cp -a.

Paul Slootman

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