[Dirvish] Large amount of data

Steve Ramage dirvishusersspammedme at sjrx.net
Thu Dec 8 07:00:34 UTC 2005

Okay so a friend at work, our NetOp guy asked me how well Dirvish would
handle 'large' amounts of data, seeing as how I recommended it to him
earlier. I actually didn't know off the top of my head and being the
experianced poster I am I decided to not ask any real follow up
questions to figure out what he meant but I thought I'd post here anyway.

Basically there exists a *nix machine (possibly linux, but could also be
Solaris) that has two directories.



One (I believe /other/foo) is NFS mounted. The idea is to have a backup
of /foo somewhere else on the network. /foo has a large amount of data (
I don't know if they are a few HUGE files, or alot of just big files, or
a plethora of really small files) but they total to about 105 or 135 GB
iirc. He said he had no luck with rsync and that it pukes, but my
understanding is that dirvish locally (over NFS mount anyway) doesn't
actually use rsync and so I was curious how well dirvish would preform
in these cases. I assume that if its just a few HUGE files it would be
okay, but any changes would result in HUGE overhead. But I don't think
rsync would puke over a few HUGE files. How well can dirvish handle
millions of files (lets say).


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