[Dirvish] ERROR: no images for branch default found

Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Thu Dec 1 08:59:33 UTC 2005

On Thu 01 Dec 2005, zp wrote:
> I have installed dirvish for Debian sarge and the initial backup
> has functioned correctly across ssh with shared keys
> However, the cronjob doesn't run and when I try to execute
> it manually, it returns the following error:
> medusa:/# sh /etc/dirvish/dirvish-cronjob
> mobius:default:20051130: ERROR: no images for branch default found
> I have not found much about this error in the lists and
> I don't think that it's a simple whitespace problem.

This would imply that the initial backup did _not_ complete

Do an 'ls -l' in the vault directory; images that were successful are
mode 'drwxr-x-r-x' or similar; unsuccessful image directories have
mode 'd----------'.

Check the summary file in the image to see what errors, if any, are

> Do I need to edit the debian default /etc/dirvish/dirvish-cronjob ?

In most cases that shouldn't be necessary.

> The vault config at /data/backup/mobius/dirvish
> --------------------
> client: root at mobius
> tree: /
> xdev: 0
> index: gzip
> image-default: %Y%m%d
> exclude:
> /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb
> /var/cache/man
> /tmp
> /var/tmp
> *.bak
> .kde/share/cache/*
> /proc
> --------------------

Note that list items must have leading white space. In this case that's
all the stuff that comes below the "exclude:" line.

And nowadays I'd also exclude /sys and /dev/shm

Paul Slootman

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